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We can offer a range of metalworking solutions to a variety of industries and applications. We have the experience and expertise that clients can count on to meet their requirements.


We can produce custom parts and shapes to meet our clients’ project requirements and specifications.


When parts are designed to have holes with tighter tolerances than flame cutting and plasma cutting allow, or the hole diameter is smaller than the plate thickness, we will drill the hole rather than burn it. Some of our customers have specific requests that require no heat to be used on the holes, therefore having the option to drill gives us the ability to provide a finished product to our customers.


Forming is used across the many industries that we service. Break forming, Cones - both eccentric & concentric, dished plates and custom formed parts are all within our capabilities.


We have multiple presses on site to straighten plates prior to or after cutting.


Our expert team makes complex bevels providing our customers with parts ready for fabrication.


Depending on the grades and chemistry of the plates, we have the ability to preheat them to the recommended temperatures prior to cutting. We also have processes in place that help us slow cool the plates as needed.


We have a highly skilled and knowledgeable detailer with extensive AutoCAD experience on staff.

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